3D printing for manufacture of metal products

3D printing for manufacture of metal products

Integrated 3D brings a manufacturing revolution to complex metal products in a repeatable, reliable process.

May 7, 2014
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The Dalles, OR – Integrated 3D Manufacturing manufactures complex metal products in a repeatable, reliable manufacturing process serving industrial applications in the medical, aerospace, UAV, clean energy, and automotive markets.

I3DMFG is the right solution for small to medium production runs for customers who may have never dreamed that intricate designs utilizing metals could be manufactured. The I3DMFG process and manufacturing methodology is for production runs that demand structural integrity as well as complex design requirements. I3DMFG delivers complex, high value products with precision and accuracy never achieved before.

The company’s technology has an impact not only on manufacturing but also on design philosophy, labor allocation and business strategies. Their Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) manufacturing process minimizes waste and cost and also presents an opportunity to enable manufacturing jobs to return to the U.S. “Our vision is that we bring jobs, ingenuity and manufacturing back to the United States,” said Erin Stone, CEO. “Our manufacturing capability enables U.S. companies to manufacture their complex parts in a timely and price competitive way. There is less reliance on offshore manufacturing which brings back jobs to the U.S. and protects valuable intellectual property.”

The company embraces a Design is Manufacturing philosophy, which enables the freedom to design products without traditional manufacturing constraints. “If you can dream it, we can make it,” says Stone. Designers are free to pursue design parameters where many manufacturing rules can be put aside. I3DMFG enables designers to produce products with complex geometries like lattice patterns used in medical procedures to replace knees, hips, or even parts of a human spine. 

Source: Integrated 3D