Expanding, delivering consumer technology platform

Expanding, delivering consumer technology platform

The LifeTrak family of wearable activity monitors will be a powerful addition to A&D's Wellness Connected platform of devices and services.

January 11, 2014
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In a strategic business decision to provide its customers with an optimized connected health experience, A&D Medical, a global manufacturer of precision measurement solutions for the healthcare industry, will partner with Salutron, the industry leader in wearable activity monitoring technology with heart rate. With this alliance, A&D Medical will include Salutron’s LifeTrak family of Bluetooth Smart activity monitors as a core component of its new Wellness Connected Platform and device suite.

The Wellness Connected platform combines the company’s new Bluetooth Smart-enabled medical devices – now including Salutron’s LifeTrak activity monitors – with A&D Medical’s mobile app and cloud service to give individuals and organizations the tools they need to track progress toward healthy living goals.

“Blending A&D Medical’s deep biometrics expertise in connected health and consumer wellness with Salutron’s pioneering wearable technology gives us the opportunity to redefine the connected health user experience,” said Terry Duesterhoeft, president and CEO of A&D Medical. “Working together we can maximize our respective strengths to provide a comprehensive set of wellness tools that enable consumers to better manage their health in the long-term.”

The LifeTrak family of wearable activity monitors will be a powerful addition to A&D's Wellness Connected platform of devices and services, and provides users with such key features and benefits as:

  • Full-screen Display: Features the industry’s only activity monitor with a full screen display.
  • Heart Rate: ECG-accurate heart rate monitoring without a chest strap.
  • Automatic Sleep Monitoring: Auto-detection of start and end of sleep cycle combined with tracking of micro movements to determine duration and quality of sleep, without user intervention.
  • Dynamic Distance Calibration: Dynamic pace-based distance adjusts stride length based on user pace.
  • Active Graphic Displays with 7-Day History: Easy, intuitive 3-button navigation with context-driven display. Measured parameters automatically reset at midnight and offer independent daily goal setting.
  • Ultra-low Power Monitoring: One-year estimated battery life; no charging required.
  • Calorie Tracking: All-day calorie monitoring via advanced algorithm using body motion and heart rate data to compute activity levels and energy expenditure (heart rate).

“We felt A&D Medical’s technology leadership, Wellness Connected platform, and commitment to delivering an expanding suite of essential health and wellness devices make A&D a great partner for Salutron and will enhance the value of our LifeTrak connected activity monitor family,” said Mike Tsai, president and CEO of Salutron. “Working with A&D will allow us to further extend the reach of our innovative family of activity monitors into the existing medical and wellness markets that A&D serves in the U.S. and internationally.”

LifeTrak activity monitors are available today through a wide array of retail and distribution partners. A&D Medical’s Wellness Connected platform and connected device suite will be available at the end of Q1 2014.

Source: A&D Medical