Medical extrusion, secondary operations conference

Medical extrusion, secondary operations conference

Graham Engineering Corp.’s American Kuhne brand announces the Spring Spotlight medical extrusion & secondary operations conference May 23, 2017.

March 17, 2017
Manufacturing Group
Contract Manufacturing Materials

Steve Maxson, Graham Engineering Corp.’s director of business development for extrusion, has announced that the Spring Spotlight Medical Extrusion & Secondary Operations Conference will be held May 23, 2017, at the company’s technical center in York, Pennsylvania.

“The focus of our Spotlight conferences is on medical extrusion and secondary operations such as over-molding and braiding for catheters and delivery systems,” says Maxson, who is the conference organizer. “It is my pleasure to announce Len Czuba of Czuba Enterprises as the keynote speaker. A 30-year veteran of polymer synthesis, compounding, and material development in the medical device industry, his product development experience and polymers expertise assist partner firms to take products, especially medical devices, from concept to market.”

Graham Engineering Corp. organizes two Spotlight Conferences annually in varying locations to address important developments and new technologies in medical extrusion and secondary operations.

Maxson’s background combines experience in the fields of medical extrusion technology and medical device manufacturing. His career includes roles with Raumedic Inc., Vante, and American Kuhne, now a brand of Graham Engineering Corp.