ANC Indexable Carbide Turning Inserts

Engineered to Perform at Elevated Temperatures, Common When Machining Superalloys

December 13, 2012
Manufacturing Group
Assembly Materials People/Facilities Machining/Metal Cutting

Officials at American National Carbide announce the launch of the Synergy line of indexable carbide turning inserts. Synergy’s state of the art carbide substrate, enhanced by the latest nano coating technology, is engineered to perform at the elevated temperatures that are common when machining superalloys. Synergy’s innovative design and proprietary post-coating treatment ensure optimal chip control while reducing cutting forces. From roughing to finishing, Synergy offers a total high temperature solution:

--Functional 100° roughing corner for enhanced productivity
--Coolant flow channel for efficient temperature regulation
--Positive ground land to reduce cutting forces
--Multiple obstructions for optimal chip control
--Helical land angle to resist DOC notching
--Mechanical post-treatment to reduce friction
--Post-coating surface grind for maximum stability
--Wide chip breaking range
--SG style for General Purpose
--SF Style for Finishing
--SR Style for Roughing