Angel Medical Systems, Flextronics Implant 600th Cardiac Medical Device

The AngelMed Guardian is designed to detect and patients of acute episodes of cardiac ischemia.

December 2, 2012
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Angel Medical Systems, an innovator in today's cardiac medical device arena, recently celebrated the implant of the 600th patient with its AngelMed Guardian system. With the help of its manufacturing partner, Flextronics, Angel Medical Systems also achieved this milestone more than two months ahead of the company's estimate.

AngelMed Guardian is designed to detect and alert patients of acute episodes of cardiac ischemia related to the progression of coronary artery disease and thrombotic coronary occlusion caused by vulnerable plaque ruptures.  Some of the external monitoring devices that are part of the Guardian's alerting system were built by Flextronics in Valencia, CA.

"Flextronics is extremely proud to have helped Angel Medical Systems achieve this milestone and meeting FDA quality requirements—notably two months ahead of its goal," says Mark Kemp, president of Flextronics Medical. "This speaks to the collaborative working relationship between Flextronics and Angel Medical Systems as our close partnership and alliance streamlined the process."

Flextronics' Valencia facility specializes in highly reliable and durable microelectronics for medical applications, and aerospace and defense products for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).