Breas Medical launches Vivo 60 home ventilator

Breas Medical launches Vivo 60 home ventilator

Device is designed for comfortable and reliable ventilation in patients' homes, as well as in mobile and hospital environments.

May 30, 2014
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Sweden-based Breas Medical has introduced a life support home ventilator, Vivo 60. With a wide range of modes and settings, Vivo 60 can cover a broad range of diseases and matches the needs of individual patients.

The new ventilator is intended for adult and pediatric (>5kg) patients and is able to measure exhaled volumes.

The company said that both dual limb and single limb circuits can be used, which makes Vivo 60 truly versatile.

Breas Medical president and CEO Nicke Svanvik said: "There are many advantages of treating patients at home as they are more comfortable and it is more advantageous from a health economic perspective."

The Swedish firm has a history of developing homecare ventilation solutions with the user in mind.

Breas Medical manager of R&D Per Woxenius said: "The technical challenge with Vivo 60 was to develop the technology needed to precisely measure exhaled volumes as small as 50ml in the exhalation valve.

"Our engineering team succeeded in doing so by developing a smart valve with a state-of-the-art Turbulator technology."

The patent-pending Vivo 60 is the latest homecare ventilator in the company's range, consisting of Vivo 30, Vivo 40, and Vivo 50.

Source: Breas Medical