Cardiac medical device is half the size of previous generations

Cardiac medical device is half the size of previous generations

Qubic Stim represents 30 years of quality for BIOTRONIK, a medical device manufacturer.

June 26, 2014
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Contract Manufacturing Design/Engineering Devices/Implants/Equipment

Nice, France – With a market-leading position in Europe, BIOTRONIK’s cardiac stimulation device, Qubic Stim, is the smallest such device BIOTRONIK has developed – about half the size of the previous universal heart stimulator (UHS) generations – and due to its small footprint and modular design, physicians are able to integrate it seamlessly into their current cath lab practice.

An established layout with essential features from previous device generations makes for intuitive control over a single-layer user interface. Physicians will be offered an ideal combination of touch screen and hard key controls as well as personalized, multi-channel protocols. Intuitive menus anticipate the needs of physicians, making it as easy as possible to stimulate the heart.

“I am very pleased to see that Qubic Stim, which I had the opportunity to use during a market observation, has now received CE approval,” commented Dr. Leif-Hendrik Boldt, Charité Campus Virchow, Berlin, Germany. “Having steady control over the heart’s rhythm is important to a successful cath lab practice. An easy-to-use, multi-channel stimulator, Qubic Stim can be easily integrated into my practice, ultimately benefiting my patients.”

“Qubic Stim represents an excellent compilation of features that have been developed over three decades, and really takes physicians’ daily needs into account,” commented Christoph Böhmer, president international at BIOTRONIK. “We are proud to offer the first in a new series of electrophysiology external devices with enhanced user friendliness.”

Qubic Stim is the successor to the widely used BIOTRONIK UHS series, which set new standards for diagnostic cardiac stimulation with two distinct sensing channels.