DMG MORI Innovation Days 2014

DMG MORI Innovation Days 2014

Attendees will see four US premieres – 38 machines live in operation and learn about additive manufacturing in finished-part quality.

April 29, 2014
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Chicago, IL. Manufacturers around the country are invited to join DMG MORI’s Headquarters for a sneak preview of innovative DMG MORI machining centers in the new common design as well as the latest in software, automation, additive manufacturing and more.

DMG MORI’s Innovation Days 2014 from May 6-9, 2014, will feature machining demonstrations, seminars, and one-on-one application consultations aimed to help manufacturers remain productive and competitive. DMG MORI will be showcasing 38 machine demos, including four innovative U.S. premieres, the new common design and the new control platform CELOS – from the idea to the finished product.

CELOS offers a uniform interface for all new high-tech machines from DMG MORI. CELOS apps provide the user with integrated and digitized management, documentation and visualization of order, process and machine data. Visitors to the event can also experience the New Design at Innovation Days: new long life surfaces provide a higher scratch resistance and better protection against damages.

Among the U.S. premieres will be the new and improved universal turning machines NLX 3000Y/1250 and NLX 4000BY/1500, as well as the 4th generation 5-axis machining center DMU 80 P duoBLOCK and the recently released compact CTX 450 ecoline.

One highlight will certainly be the hybrid machine demonstrations, combining laser metal deposition and turn-mill processes in one machine. On show will be the NT 4300SZ turn-mill center from Iga, Japan. The unique combination of laser metal deposition via powder nozzle and subtractive machining accelerates the manufacturing process. Complete workpieces can be generated up to 20-times faster as compared to powder bed technology. Additionally, unique machining operations are possible – for instance the realization of geometric features with negative angles. Additionally, presentations on the many facets of today’s advanced manufacturing will include gear-milling technology. Special software and newly developed processes have transformed the turn-mill centers of the NT and NTX series into perfect gear milling machines for small and medium-sized batches. The machines can accomplish virtually everything that special gear cutting machines can do. They are also more flexible, making cost-effective capacity planning far easier.

U.S. manufacturing at its best
Guests to DMG MORI Innovation Days can also inform themselves about the company’s Digital Technology Laboratory (DTL) and Manufacturing Factory, which make up the company’s Davis, CA campus. DTL provides much of DMG MORI’s engineering analysis capability and R&D to support machine tool design and manufacturing operations around the world. The building also houses a showroom of machine tools and related products. The Manufacturing Factory, opened in July 2012, covers 200,000ft2 of manufacturing space and an expansive showroom. Here, DMG MORI manufactures and assembles the NHX series, as well as the DuraVertical 5100. In 2014, production of the DMU 50 and CTX 450 ecoline will start. Since U.S. manufacturing started to rebound in 2013, DMG MORI USA has seen increased interest in its high-end equipment, which can now be backed up by the viable resources available at the Davis, CA facilities.

Source: DMG MORI