Durex Industries Opens Online Store

Includes More Than 7,000 Heaters, Sensors, and Temperature Controllers

November 2, 2012
Manufacturing Group
Materials People/Facilities

Durex Industries, a leading North American designer and manufacturer of electric heaters, temperature sensors, temperature controls, and process systems, announces the opening of their Thermal Solution On-Line Store.

Durex’ On-line Store includes more than 7,000 heaters, sensors, and temperature controllers with most products deliverable in 2 working days.  Product categories available include:

•    Heaters: Flange Immersion, Screw Plug Immersion, Cartridge, Cast DFX Circulation, and Quartz and Ceramic
•    Sensors: Mineral Insulated Thermocouples, Resistance Temperature Detectors, General Purpose Thermocouples, and Thermocouples for the Plastics Industry
•    Temperature Controls and Transmitters: Standard Temperature Controls, Temperature Control Consoles, and Temperature Transmitters

Durex’ thermal solution store is unique because most of our products are factory direct, which means you get quality products with highly competitive lead times and pricing.  Additionally, customers benefit from the technical and application knowledge from our Cary, IL, facilities.