Patches, glucose monitors, mechanized devices

Patches, glucose monitors, mechanized devices

Fabrico Medical produces body worn device components for stick-to-skin applications.

March 21, 2014
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 Rochester, NY – Fabrico Medical can produce components for body-worn diagnostic mechanized devices, such as patch pumps and continuous glucose monitors, used in various medical therapies and diagnostic applications.

Reusable and one-time-use body worn patch pumps are composed of a reservoir of a drug and/or a small needle on the side facing the patient for treatment. They’re used primarily for insulin therapy, which often requires patients to wear the device for several weeks, even months, based upon the severity of their medical needs. Many of the same features are also found in body worn continuous monitors and other innovative diagnostic devices. 

Adhesion to skin requires balancing the need for a strong, yet comfortable bond to hold the device in place for as long as the treatment requires, and the ability to remove or reposition it without causing skin trauma. For many patients, including the young and elderly, constant skin re-adherence may cause irritation and skin tearing, especially if the adhesive is too aggressive.

Based upon significant experience with stick-to-skin applications, Fabrico Medical’s engineering team selects the right adhesive material based upon a variety of factors, such as:

  • Device design requirements
  • Wear times
  • Sterilization (which can degrade some adhesives)
  • Specific patient activities (such as taking the device in the shower or pool)

In addition to material selection, Fabrico Medical’s manufacturing experts can recommend fabrication and assembly techniques required from prototyping to high-speed production to create the parts in virtually any shape or size. The company’s skilled technicians in conjunction with strategic partners can help to integrate electronics, on-board controllers, and human interfaces that contain buttons or small screens into the body worn devices.

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