Granta’s CES Selector product options, smart materials choices

Granta’s CES Selector product options, smart materials choices

An integral component within product design and development, new CES Selector structure provides more flexible access for teams, projects.

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Materials Park, Ohio and Cambridge, U.K. – Granta Design officials have announced improved support for the growing number of users of CES Selector, a tool for materials selection and graphical analysis of materials properties. In response to customer feedback, three new product options are now available: CES Selector Team, CES Selector Enterprise, and CES Selector Project.

CES Selector enables smart materials choices. Users innovate and evolve products, quickly identify solutions to materials problems, confirm and validate materials selections, and reduce material and development costs. As more people use the software as an integral component within the product design and development process, Granta has responded to customer suggestions for licensing and user management options that make it easier to provide the tool to new users and to support the work of development teams.

CES Selector Team enables members across a team to share and transfer licenses more easily and cost-effectively. Available in five-user license packs, this flexible product option is ideal for companies who want to enable more team members to try out the software, and for long-term projects where team members may change over time.

Designed for organizations that want to undertake an enterprise-wide roll-out of the software, CES Selector Enterprise supports the sharing of licenses across subsidiaries and locations, enterprise-wide – with volume discounts.

The third option is CES Selector Project. This license is suited to short-term projects and small numbers of users.

“At Granta we continually strive to make improvements to our solutions that offer real benefits to our customer organizations and individual users,” comments Dr. Charlie Bream, senior product manager for CES Selector. “After listening to our customers we’re pleased to offer these three product options that deliver the flexibility they need to make the most of the CES Selector software.”

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