IMTS 2014 Conference: Beyond Lean

IMTS 2014 Conference: Beyond Lean

Finding the right tool for the job often is a lot easier said than done; especially in today’s manufacturing world.

June 9, 2014
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Chicago – Make plans to attend the IMTS 2014 Conferences to learn about Beyond Lean: Unleashing the Power of Smart Pull.

DATE: Monday, September 8 from 2:15 PM - 3:10 PM   ROOM: W-194B

SPEAKER: Philippe Bartissol, Vice President, Industrial Equipment, Dassault Systèmes

Finding the right tool for the job often is a lot easier said than done; especially in today’s manufacturing world where cost per hole, cycle times and productivity are paramount. Emerging technologies have allowed us to push the limits in developing multitasking machines and the same is true for cutting tools. Being able to accomplish in one step what use to take three or four is definitely going to reflect a time savings in the production process. Several elements should be thought about when considering combination tooling; machine capabilities, cycle times, cost associated with set up, inventory cost and programming time to name a few. 

The tool engineering process for a combination tool often can be a little overwhelming; the parts manufacturer must work with the tooling manufacture by sending in a drawing of either what they want the tool to do or they can send in the part. The complication sometimes lies in the gathering of all the proper information. The other factor that sometimes prevents manufacturers from looking at combination tools is manufacturing time and cost of the tool. Like parts manufacturers, tooling manufacturers have come a long way in being able to provide custom tooling in a timely cost effective manner. 

This topic will cover a list of what to take into account when considering combination tools. What information the manufacture needs to design a tool and dismiss some of the reasoning for not considering a special and the cost advantages of using combination tools.

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