Whitepaper on how PLM can cut manufacturing costs

For those interested in how PLM can save their business money should, a new, free whitepaper is available for downloading.

February 10, 2014
Manufacturing Group
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Fort Collins, Colo. – Integware released a new whitepaper discussing the value of product lifestyle management (PLM) when it comes to cutting manufacturing costs. The report, "How PLM Can Cut Manufacturing Costs," is available at no charge on Integware’s website.

“In today’s economy, it’s important to save costs wherever you can,” says an Integware spokesperson. “Our new report clearly lays out how proper PLM can help businesses cut their manufacturing costs and save money.”

The whitepaper includes metric claims from various industry sources and a discussion on how PLM can have an impact on them. Topics covered include:

  • How PLM can help companies save up to 5% on direct material costs and 15% on direct component costs. 
  • How PLM can help companies reduce scrap, excess, and rework between 40% and 60%. 
  • How PLM can help reduce the number of designed parts by up to 55% (less for higher volume parts).

Ultimately, each manufacturing company must decide what numbers to use in a ROI assessment. With the aid of this whitepaper, businesses can make an informed decision about how improved PLM can specifically help improve their bottom line.

“This whitepaper can prove essential for businesses when determining how and where they can cut costs,” says an Integware spokesperson. “It can help businesses and PLM consultants make the right decisions about PLM consulting, PLM evaluation and overall PLM strategy – all for no cost.”

Source: Integware