MEDTECH2014 – Innovation, technology, growth strategies, more

MEDTECH2014 – Innovation, technology, growth strategies, more

MedTech is hosting the largest gathering of bio/med industry leaders in New York State in Albany.

August 13, 2014
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3D/Additive/Alternative Contract Manufacturing Design/Engineering Devices/Implants/Equipment

Albany, N.Y. – MedTech Association, a trade association for bioscience and medical technology (Bio/Med) companies in New York State, is hosting its annual conference this year Sept. 15 and 16, 2014, in Albany, N.Y. In an industry that has seen major changes recently, the MEDTECH 2014 conference focuses on Redefining Innovation in the Face of Healthcare Reform. Confronted with a perfect storm of sweeping trends, only those who are willing to innovate in spite of reform will emerge as winners in today’s healthcare marketplace. MEDTECH 2014will educate attendees on how to innovate and succeed. 

MEDTECH 2014 offers a unique opportunity for attendees to collaborate with Bio/Med leaders and discuss the challenges – as well as opportunities – that exist in today’s industry. Featuring keynote speakers and two full days of programming with tracks on “Innovation & Technology,” “Growth Strategies” and “Regulatory & Policy,” MEDTECH 2014 will provide attendees with the tools to consider Redefining Innovation in the Face of Healthcare Reform. The conference additionally features close to 30 technology showcases, which feature new products, prototypes, and exhibitors’ latest research. MedTech will also publically debut the finding of its industry report.

MedTech’s industry report, which focuses on building the New York State Bio/Med ecosystem, will be released at the conference and examines the industry’s economic impact in New York State. The report additionally highlights industry executives, best practices in workforce development and profiles the strengths of our regional industry clusters.

The conference also allows industry giants like Pfizer, Medtronic, and AngioDyamics to present their partnering opportunities and collaborate with the broader Bio/Med community in a reverse pitch session during the dedicated “Collaboration Day,” on Sept. 16. Here, attendees will learn the strategic priorities of leading companies in the industry and insight into what they look for in a partner. 

MEDTECH2014 is sponsored by AMRI, Thermo Fisher, and AngioDynamics. Register for the conference now

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