Accelerating innovation for medical device companies

Accelerating innovation for medical device companies

Invibio looks to deliver the greatest clinical and economic benefits in four key areas, dental, spine, orthopedics, and trauma.

Devices/Implants/Equipment Materials

Thornton Cleveleys, United Kingdom – By assisting medical device companies to change the way they develop new products, Invibio is focused on accelerating the time-to-market of new innovations. To deliver on this and provide greater clinical efficacies, the company has invested in clinical-study expertise, component manufacturing facilities, and component testing. Officials also announced the launch of a new website that provides information on materials and applications to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and health care professionals (HCPs), and a comprehensive journal with further scientific information and clinical evidence.

The company recently recruited a clinical study manager and is working with HCPs, medical device manufacturers, and other stakeholders to determine the clinical and economic impact of its solutions. The company has also brought in clinical relations expertise to interact with HCPs, hospitals, and payers.

In addition, the company´s investments have made it easier for medical device companies to innovate and change the way they develop new products. The company’s investment in component manufacturing facilities and component testing, for example, gives them a greater role in the design, development, and commercialization of trauma fracture plates made of PEEK-OPTIMA Ultra Reinforced, a carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer. The company has also pledged more support for customers’ new product development programs. In addition, they continue to help customers navigate the challenging, regulatory pathway toward product safety and efficacy.

Finally, the company´s new website will serve as a hub for OEMs and HCPs:

  • For OEMs, it is a go-to practical and educational resource for implantable PEEK related knowledge and clinical data, including product offerings, manufacturing, quality, and partnering for custom-design and regulatory services
  • For HCPs, it aims to facilitate the clinical adoption of new medical devices made of the company´s high performance polymer, by providing implantable PEEK-related knowledge, clinical data, and information concerning the potential benefits of Invibio´s solutions for HCPs and ultimately their patients