Microfabrica partners with US Endoscopy

Microfabrica partners with US Endoscopy

Collaboration is for production of the world's first submillimeter biopsy forceps, producing high precision, micro-scale metal devices in commercial volumes.

February 16, 2017
Manufacturing Group

Santa Clara, California – Microfabrica has partnered with US Endoscopy to produce the world's first submillimeter biopsy forceps, designed to improve the reliability of tissue biopsy in the GI tract including biopsy of pancreatic cystic lesions. Pancreatic cancer is the fourth leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the US, estimated to surpass breast cancer in 2017.1,2

US Endoscopy's micro forceps is an incredibly innovative product with multiple applications,” states Eric C. Miller, CEO of Microfabrica and medical device industry veteran. “The micro forceps design takes full advantage of our unique capability to print highly complex geometries with ultra-high precision at the submillimeter scale.”

Similar to 3D printing, Microfabrica can produce complex three-dimensional structures, with moving parts, in layers, directly from a digital model. Unlike 3D printing, Microfabrica leverages the semiconductor manufacturing paradigm, enabling them to produce high precision, micro-scale metal devices in commercial volumes. These structures require no assembly and the entirety of the mechanism is monolithically fabricated by Microfabrica.

About Microfabrica
Microfabrica is at the forefront of the continuous drive to innovation. By integrating the flexibility of 3D printing with the precision of advanced semiconductor manufacturing processes, the company designs and builds robust microscale solutions that enable new levels of product innovation. Market leaders in aerospace, medical, and electronics industries rely on Microfabrica's unique technology to deliver breakthrough products, reduce their time to market, and gain a dramatic competitive edge.

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Source: Microfabrica