Launch of VELOX Procedure

Launch of VELOX Procedure

VELOX procedure is for repairing clavicle fractures with the Sonoma CRx clavicle nail.

January 10, 2013
Manufacturing Group

Sonoma Orthopedic Products Inc. officials announce the launch of its new VELOX procedure for repairing clavicle fractures with the Sonoma CRx clavicle nail. The VELOX procedure features an innovative, fast, and reproducible minimally invasive method of clavicle fracture repair using the Sonoma CRx device. New instruments streamline medial canal preparation and provide visual confirmation of optimal implant placement prior to fixation. The Sonoma CRx clavicle nail eliminates plate prominence, and its flexible-to-rigid WaviBody technology conforms to patients' unique clavicle anatomies.

"The new instruments in the VELOX procedure have greatly simplified the implantation of the Sonoma CRx clavicle nail. Because the procedure is minimally invasive, my patients get back to sport activity and work faster, and with less pain and no plate hardware irritation issues,” states Regis L. Renard, M.D., M.S., orthopedic trauma surgeon, Patchogue, NY.

Design of the VELOX procedure instruments are to provide easily visualized depth markers. Together with the new Implant Insertion Guide, optimal implant placement is fast and reproducible.

"Our customers' experience with our products is crucially important to us, and their feedback was a key factor in the development of the VELOX procedure," stated Rick Epstein, president and CEO of Sonoma Orthopedic Products. "VELOX makes implantation of Sonoma's CRx faster and more robust. This minimally invasive procedure is expected to become a leading treatment for clavicle fractures."