Success Continues at EMO Hannover 2013

Flourishing demand underlines the high-perceived importance of the world’s premier trade fair for the metalworking sector.

January 16, 2013
Manufacturing Group

In 2013, Hanover will once again be hosting the EMO. From September 16-21, 2013, all the sector’s important international players will be meeting up at the world’s premier trade fair for the metalworking sector. Under the motto Intelligence in Production, the EMO will be showing what modern-day production technology looks like and who is offering it. 

“Everyone wants to be there. That is why once again the EMO Hannover is well set to continue its success story,” says Carl Martin Welcker, general commissioner, EMO Hannover 2013.

At the beginning of the year, more than 1,600 companies from 34 different countries had already registered: they will be occupying around 145,000 m² of net exhibition space. Therefore, the current registration status is significantly higher than the comparable figure for the preceding event. 

The flourishing demand among vendors of production technology evidences the high perceived importance of the EMO Hannover as one of the sector’s international highlights and as a superlative platform for innovations. “Meet the world at EMO” is one of the most important arguments for participating. Not only German manufacturers have registered for large-size stands. Asian companies are particularly prominent in showing the flag, firms from Japan, China, Taiwan, and Korea who are keen to play a bigger role on the global market. They have once again upsized their areas compared to the preceding event’s equivalent period, a trend that has been observable for some years now. In all, Asia currently accounts for a good fifth of the EMO’s exhibitors. 

EMO Hannover Highlights Innovations for Expanding Global Market
Worldwide, users of production technology are facing major challenges. Under enormous pressure on costs, with stringent requirements for efficacy and eco-compliance, companies will have to organize their production operations for maximized cost-efficiency – today, and in the future. For this purpose, they are investing in new machine tools. Economic pundits expect demand for machine tools to grow still further in the EMO year of 2013.

Customers are seeking ideas and solutions for efficient production operations at widely dispersed locations with disparate prerequisites. What counts is innovation not only on the machine, but also for the components, in the production process and for the services involved. Aspects like communication between and networking of machines and lines, new materials, flexibility, quality, innovative production concepts, and much, much more play an important role.

“Internationally operating machine tool vendors will be showing at the EMO Hannover how they have taken these issues and requirements pro-actively on board and translated them into intelligently efficacious engineering, thus establishing for themselves a secure position in a fiercely competitive environment,” Welcker states. “Further registrations from international market leaders are arriving every day. We are accordingly confident that we can seamlessly build on our record event size of 2011. We can already guarantee our international trade visitors a top-class, comprehensive exhibition programme.”