How to Conduct a Pull Test

New White Paper Available from Eriez Offers Education and Guidelines for Conducting a Proper, Valid Magnet Pull Test

January 9, 2013
Manufacturing Group
Contract Manufacturing Quality/Metrology People/Facilities

Eriez officials announce the availability of the company’s new white paper, “How to Conduct a Pull Test.” The educational white paper is available for immediate, free download from the Eriez website at

The nine-page white paper offers guidelines on conducting a proper and valid magnet pull test. Beginning with an overview on pull tests, the white paper covers factors affecting magnet performance, which magnets get tested, how to conduct a proper pull test, misconceptions about test pieces and much more.

“Pull tests are an essential quality control tool used to monitor magnet strength to ensure optimum performance,” says Bill Dudenhoefer, manager—separation. “This white paper is a must-read for any individuals responsible for maintenance of magnetic separation equipment.”

As explained in the white paper, different pull test pieces yield different measurements, which cause confusion and misleading results. Eriez has developed a short video to explain why using identical test pieces is an essential component to accurate readings. The video can be viewed at:

“Eriez developed this white paper in an effort to help our customers understand the importance of pull testing and the necessary steps for obtaining accurate results. It’s all part of our Orange University commitment to customer education,” Dudenhoefer says.