RoHS2 official deadline for medical devices has passed

RoHS2 official deadline for medical devices has passed

Now you need to find a long-term RoHS2 partner for product categories through 2019.

August 2, 2014
Manufacturing Group

Osceola, Wisconsin – The official deadline for medical devices to gain RoHS compliance passed on July 22, 2014. This medical device directive addresses the restriction of hazardous substances in a wide range of surgical equipment, monitoring systems, control instruments, and more. Offering RoHS 2 compliant wire and cable assemblies, pre-validated material supplier directories, electrical testing services including X-ray fluorescence material analyzer equipment, technical documentation guidance, and more.

NWI Lab360, Northwire’s quality control lab, is approved by CSA GROUP with ISO 17025 accreditation (ISO 17025:2005). With complete quality assurance testing capabilities and an intimate understanding of RoHS 2 requirements, our cable manufacturer is fully equipped to assist clients with product categories through 2019.

Additional industries will be affected by the recast RoHS directive in the next five years:

  • July 22, 2016: Category 8. In vitro diagnostic medical devices
  • July 22, 2017: Category 9. Industrial monitoring and control instruments
  • July 22, 2019: All electrical and electronic equipment (except those explicitly excluded)

Cables and wires for each of these categories must meet RoHS 2 standards on these same dates.

Source: Northwire