Expanding Medical Device Production Capacity

Noxilizer officials plan more than double their current manufacturing capacity with new facility.

January 13, 2013
Manufacturing Group
Contract Manufacturing People/Facilities

Thanks to its recent move to a larger production facility, Noxilizer Inc. officials expect to more than double its manufacturing capacity of its proprietary sterlization units for medical devices.

Noxilizer’s manufactures its RTS 360 Sterilization Unit on premise, with subcontractors in Maryland completing the assembly. The first units went on sale in 2011. The units employ a gas-based, room temperature process that allows them to be used for new medical devices that cannot be sterilized by the traditional method.

Noxilizer’s sterilization units cost $250,000 each. The company offers a three-year service contract for $40,000. To run the unit, customers purchase sterilants from Noxilizer at a typical cost of $2000 to $2500 per month.

Noxilizer, a privately-held company, was founded in 2004.