Mindflow Design publishes industry trend report

‘The Positive Dividends of Design’ presents current and important directions in industrial design and the impact on businesses.

February 6, 2014
Manufacturing Group
Contract Manufacturing Design/Engineering Devices/Implants/Equipment People/Facilities

Carlsbad, Calif. - MindFlow Design officials have announced its first industry trend report, “The Positive Dividends of Design: How Great Design Impacts the Bottom Line,” addresses the needs of medical device, life sciences and manufacturing firms who rely on creating state-of-the-art products for their success.

From Apple to Nike, Disney to Samsung, research shows that design-focused businesses outperform others by up to 200%, according to the Design Council of the United Kingdom. 

Key findings from the MindFlow Design trend report highlight best practices of today’s successful companies:

  • Implement a user-centric design process
  • Build brand loyalty via a consistent customer experience
  • Leverage the power of emotional connections and empathy
  • Believe that good enough is the enemy of great.
  • “In a sea of commoditization, design is one of the most powerful emerging drivers of business success. Our goal is for businesses to be more cognizant of the impact that great design can have on the financial outcome of new product launches and the role design firms can play to increase customer acceptance,” said Andy Moulds, principal at MindFlow Design.

Source: MindFlow Design