CE Marking for the pedCAT System

CurveBeam receives CE Mark for the first true weight bearing CBCT scanner for the foot and ankle.

February 14, 2013
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Contract Manufacturing Design/Engineering People/Facilities Motion Control

CurveBeam officials announce that the company has received CE Mark approval for the pedCAT, first true in-office 3D weight bearing cone beam computed tomography scanner for the foot and ankle. 

The pedCAT system can image one or both feet in true weight bearing position and create full three dimensional reconstructions of the bony anatomy in less than three minutes. 

CurveBeam plans to install the first pedCAT in Europe at Krankenhaus Rummelsberg, a hospital in Berlin, Germany. The pedCAT technology will be pioneered by Dr. Martinus Richter, an orthopedic surgeon who has published numerous academic articles on foot and ankle imaging. 

"In my opinion, this technology will be not more or less than the standard diagnostic tool for all foot and ankle problems and conditions," Richter states.

"The CurveBeam team is thrilled and proud to receive the CE Mark certification fairly expeditiously," says Arun Singh, CEO, CurveBeam. "We attended the European Foot & Ankle Society annual conference in Holland last September, where the pedCAT was received with tremendous enthusiasm, and there was great anticipation for the CE Mark milestone. Now we are excited to be in a position to deploy the first wave of units at some of the leading Foot & Ankle practices and research institutions across Europe. The first system has already been shipped to Germany, while another is expected in London this quarter." 

About the pedCAT System
The pedCAT system provides true weight-bearing, 3D CT imaging of the foot and ankle region. With a 4ft x 5ft footprint, the pedCAT is the compact office solution for CT imaging of the lower extremities. This device can scan a single foot or both feet in less than a minute at radiation levels comparable to standard, 2D X-rays.