DRE Debuts New Patient Stretcher

Savoy QA3 stretcher is supremely maneuverable, compact, lightweight, and robust; designed for maximum patient comfort.

February 3, 2013
Manufacturing Group
Contract Manufacturing Design/Engineering Hydraulics/Pneumatics Materials People/Facilities

DRE Inc. officials recently unveiled the Savoy QA3 Stretcher, ideal for patient transport, examination, and intubation. The Savoy QA3 is designed to offer hospital staff a more maneuverable and lightweight stretcher with unrivaled comfort for patients and accessibility for medical staff.

“The DRE Savoy QA3 was designed after comprehensive research into stretcher function and ergonomics, with consideration for the changing healthcare needs of the next generation,” states Justin Jeffries, marketing manager. “With our commitment to using the latest technology and materials for maximum functionality, DRE is proud to be launching the Savoy QA3. There is a real difference between other stretchers and the Savoy QA3.”

The Savoy QA3’s design implements a wider patient platform, unique foldaway cot sides that store away under the mattress footprint for virtually zero transfer gap and exceptionally low height capability for easy mount and dismount particularly helpful for elderly patients. Its’ advanced steering system and ergonomically positioned pulling handles make it supremely maneuverable and easily guided by one person.

The K8 Pressure Care Mattress provides optimal comfort for the patient, manufactured from temperature sensitive gel foam that molds to the patient’s body shape and relieves pressure by distributing the load as evenly as possible.

There is also a model available for radiography and emergency. The Savoy QA3 Emergency Stretcher includes all of the excellent features of the QA3, but also has an X-ray translucent platform, an advanced braking system that allows all four castors to be braked simultaneously from either side of the stretcher, a med rail and two fixed transfusion poles.