Horn heads to Mexico

Horn heads to Mexico

A dedicated Horn subsidiary is set to open in 2016, offering support to the machining market with regional, highly qualified service.

October 22, 2015
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Achieving a gross domestic product of $1,276 billion U.S. dollars, Mexico was responsible for Latin America's second-strongest economic performance of 2014. The country has the region's second-biggest population and third-largest territory, and accounts for around 2.1% of the world's GDP. Exports remain the driving force behind the country's growth. The medical technology, aerospace sector, pharmaceuticals, mining, the electrical industry, and the transport sector are also experiencing an upsurge.

Developments in the southern United States and a positive work ethic among the population are what has made Mexico so strategically important to Horn's position on the global market. Now, Horn is set to open a Mexican subsidiary at the start of 2016, the aim being to provide the machining market with support in the form of highly qualified, local staff who know both their subject and the market.

Source: Horn USA

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