Machinists and the Parts They Manufacture

Hurco Blog, authored by Michael Cope, applications engineer and product technical specialist, Hurco, delivers tips and insight.

February 21, 2013
Manufacturing Group
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With the introduction of Hurco’s new brand identity that focuses on machinists and the parts they manufacture, Hurco announced the launch a new information resource specifically for machinists. Michael Cope, a former shop owner and current applications engineer and product technical specialist at Hurco Companies Inc., authors the Hurco Blog

“When we worked on our rebranding initiative, we wanted to make sure we listened to the voice of the machinist, our core customer,” says Phil Fassnacht, marketing director, Hurco. “Because of Mike’s experience at Hurco as an Applications Engineer combined with the fact that he owned and operated a shop, I knew he would be able to generate valuable content that would really help our customers.”

The Hurco Blog contains topics that resonate with all machinists, such as high-speed machining, 5-axis workholding, and 5-axis accuracy, in addition to tips that are specific to Hurco machine tools. 

Cope has been in the manufacturing industry since 1984 and says, “Despite all of the ups and downs of this industry, I can’t imagine any other industry that offers the opportunity to combine craftsmanship and creativity with technology. When I’m writing posts for the Hurco Blog, I think of information that would have been helpful to me as a machinist who owned a shop. Manufacturing technology moves so fast and I hope the articles I write will help machinists get relevant information quickly so they can get back to making chips and/or running their business.”