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Watch the latest IMTSTV In Brief: Managing Water in Manufacturing.

July 16, 2014
Manufacturing Group
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Chicago, Illinois - In the latest IMTSTV In Brief, Managing Water in Manufacturing, Markos Tambakeras, chairman of Xylem Inc. and former chairman, president and CEO of Kennametal Inc., discusses the risks and opportunities presented by water in the field of manufacturing. “Every manufacturing process utilizes water in some extent,” Tambakeras explained.

Typically, we think of water as free because much of the time it is free, such as at restaurants and from local water fountains. However, when it comes to manufacturing, the cost of water has become a significant factor. Tambakeras explains how managing water in manufacturing comes down to three things: recycling, quality, and resilience. Being aware of the water you are using, and how you use it and dispose it, is something manufacturers need to focus on.

Tambakeras says, “We think that social responsibility demands that we look for ways to do more when it comes to working with water.” Tambakeras addresses some of the key technologies used with water, water treatment and water transportation. He believes that economics and regulations will drive investments in these areas.

Watch the interview to learn more.

Source: IMTS