Tapping IQS for Quality Implementation

Michigan contract manufacturer works with IQS to implement quality management software.

January 23, 2013
Manufacturing Group
Contract Manufacturing Quality/Metrology People/Facilities

A Michigan contract manufacturer recently tapped IQS to deliver innovative IT solutions for its quality management and regulatory compliance systems. By providing integrated, proactive quality management software, IQS continues to help successfully resolve the manufacturer's quality management issues.

Two specific quality management issues challenge this manufacturer's best efforts to remain industry-compliant at an optimal cost: transitioning from a paper-driven quality management system and coordinating automated quality control initiatives across multiple manufacturing sites. IQS' software allows this manufacturer to solve both of these issues concurrently.

“IQS is excited to help our new customer overcome its challenge of dependency on disjointed quality management systems. Our services team is committed to helping to not only train employees but to streamline their integrated quality system implementation,” says Mike Rapaport, president and CEO, IQS Inc.

Eliminating paper-driven quality management systems remains problematic across a multitude of industries. The technology certainly exists to transition from paper-driven systems to electronic systems, but implementing this technology in the real world is difficult to achieve at a low cost. The issue of integrating decades-old legacy data into a contemporary electronic quality management system complicates this problem even further.

Coordinating quality management and compliance initiatives across geographically disparate manufacturing sites is a monumental task to achieve at a low cost. The industry-specific pressures of many different manufacturing sectors require novel, industry-forward IT solutions in order to streamline operations within multiple manufacturing sites. Focusing on the issues of quality management and compliance, IQS' software offers a complete, all-in-one IT solution, which can be distributed across entire enterprises.

The Michigan contract manufacturer is starting to integrate these automated quality management systems into one single system. Within an enterprise, it is not uncommon for manufacturing sites to deploy different quality management solutions to keep costs of quality at an acceptable level.

In the past, these different systems created problems to troubleshoot when coordinating operations among different manufacturing sites and systems. By adopting the IQS software solution, the manufacturer is showcasing IQS' potential to solve the challenge of streamlining quality management from an enterprise-wide perspective.

IQS' software has enabled this manufacturer to create a system to monitor supplier performance in tandem with internal quality management initiatives. The software solution gives this manufacturer the flexibility necessary to adapt to supplier performance issues faster than before. By providing a framework to integrate supplier performance into an enterprise-wide quality management system, IQS is able to demonstrate successfully the high level of agility of its software.

Improving its regulatory compliance programs is another concern for the contract manufacturer. By reducing the manufacturer's dependency on paper-driven quality management systems, providing a means to coordinate automated quality management across multiple manufacturing sites, and incorporating supplier performance, IQS' software is lowering the manufacturer's overall compliance costs. Once again, the power of IQS' fully integrated software solution is being put to the test and is proving itself worthy of use by industry-leading manufacturers to provide efficient quality and compliance software solutions.