Unscrambler X Process Pulse Monitoring Software

CAMO officials release a new version of software, which enables better monitoring and control using powerful multivariate models.

January 25, 2013
Manufacturing Group
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CAMO Software announce the release of a new version of the Unscrambler X Process Pulse software for process monitoring. The software is designed to be used by laboratory staff, technical services, engineering, R&D, or production departments. It is suitable for developing control and monitoring strategies for unit operations in a range of industries.

Manufacturers in medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and more industries currently use the software, where business critical quality decisions occur in real-time. Process Pulse is easy to set up and run, enabling users to apply the power of multivariate models to near real-time (at-line or on-line) or real-time (in-line) data for small production units and applications employing portable analyzer units. It allows users to predict and correct deviations in a process before they become a problem or cause the process to fail.

“Process Pulse has proven to be versatile and configurable to suit our unique management system for monitoring and controlling our production processes,” states Josep Ma. González, director of quality, Menarini Group, Spain. “Process Pulse has been very useful for PAT (Process Analytical Technology) implementation in our manufacturing plant.”

In processes that measure many variables, it can be difficult to monitor all parameters and detect underlying relationships using traditional (univariate) statistical control charts. The advantage of multivariate models is that they capture all of the data and the relevant underlying variability in one or two plots, making it easier to see if a process is truly in control, and if not, identify the specific variables that are causing the process to deviate.

The challenge is that most solutions currently on the market are either limited in their ability to analyze complex process data, too difficult to deploy, or too expensive for small or mid-size process environments.

Brad Swarbrick, Vice President of Product and Business Development, CAMO Software explains, “Process Pulse offers the power of advanced multivariate methods in an affordable and portable solution that is easy to configure and use. It helps improve process understanding and control, and is well suited for organizations embarking on PAT/QbD or Early Event Detection (EED) initiatives without having to invest in large and expensive systems.”

Process Pulse offers powerful analytical tools including real-time quality predictions with visualization of results in a choice of plots, and outlier diagnostics such as Hotelling T², Q residuals and Y predicted with deviation calculated from PLS Regression or Principal Component Analysis (PCA) models. Drilldown plots are available, enabling users to further investigate the specific variables that contribute or cause a process to deviate.

The software has user-friendly options including configurable dashboards for process operators, alarms at pre-set limits that alert process operators of potential issues, Expert versus Operator views (may require customization), and a range of security and compliance settings. It accepts a variety of file formats and can export data in .csv format, with the option to view historical data within the system.

The latest version includes improvements in Multivariate Statistical Process Control charting, Projection models for trending analysis which indicate if a process is on target, and additional import options including OPC compatibility and connection to OSI PI, TCP IP and more (may require customization).

The new version also has the option to run multiple prediction or classification models simultaneously. For example, a user can predict protein, moisture and starch in one measurement, saving time and effort.

Benefits at a Glance:

  • Enables real-time quality decisions
  • Reduce process failures with Early Event Detection
  • Improve yields through better process understanding
  • Reduce variability in product quality
  • Reduce raw material, scrap, energy and rework costs
  • Accelerate scale up from R&D to production scale
  • Speed up cycle time and run processes closer to limits
  • Enable knowledge and technology transfer
  • Scalable and can integrate with third-party instruments and control systems (may require customization)

More information and a free 15-day trial of Process Pulse is available at http://www.camo.com