GIE Media App Development Earns Rave Reviews

Native App development positions GIE publications to be ahead of the curve in building native tablet editions.

February 20, 2013
Manufacturing Group

As 2013 has seen the launch of additional Native App development from our company, the media coverage of what we offer has been stellar. The recently-launched GCI and L&L native Apps were recently reviewed by Talking New Media, and make sure you stay tuned for the new offerings soon available for the Today’s Medical Developments App.

From Talking New Media:
“B2B publisher GIE Media committed to building native tablet editions, finds reader engagement dramatically higher than flipbooks, or even print magazines

This morning TNM posted its first look at the new tablet editions released by B2B publisher GIE Media for its Golf Course Industry and Lawn & Landscape industry titles. Both new apps use the Adobe DPS platform to create native tablet editions that not only reformat the editorial content of the magazines, but also includes some interactive advertising, as well.”

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