Online Drilling Knowledge Hub

Online Drilling Knowledge Hub

Sandvik Coromant’s comprehensive site serves as a resource center for optimizing the hole making process.

January 20, 2013
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Sandvik Coromant’s Online Drilling Knowledge Hub debuts at, a website dedicated to optimizing drilling process and customizing results to the needs of the user. 

As the most common metalworking operation, hole making holds the potential to make – or break – operators’ productivity and profitability. What is more, drilling optimization is one of the easiest machining enhancements a shop can implement. Along these lines, choosing the right tool for the job is paramount. Fortunately, advancements in cutting technology offer manufacturers a variety of application-specific drilling options. 

Drilling needs vary widely – some applications require minimizing the cost per hole, others need to meet tightest tolerances, and others still aim to achieve the best possible finish. With that in mind, the Knowledge Hub resources allow users to customize applications to fit their unique needs in the best manner.

Resources available on the site include a cost-per-hole calculator and a drilling product selector meant to match appropriate drills to any application. Users can browse through in-person events and training opportunities, held in Application and Productivity Centers nationwide. In addition, a full drilling resource library acts as a compendium of articles, case studies, webcasts, and videos depicting common drilling obstacles, and solutions.

Sandvik Coromant’s CoroDrill 860, 870, and 880 series of solid carbide, exchangeable tip, and indexable insert drills cover the full range of drilling needs, while the CoroTap line delivers flexible tapping solutions. With help from, users can be sure they have precisely the right tool for whatever the application.