Faster time-to-market for orthopedic implant production

Needing smarter, more cost-effective production, medical OEMs turn to contract manufacturing.

March 17, 2014
Manufacturing Group
Contract Manufacturing Design/Engineering Devices/Implants/Equipment People/Facilities Machining/Metal Cutting

Fitchburg, Mass. – Medical devices – including orthopedic implants – continue to be a key point of innovation and growth in healthcare. As this trend continues, the demand for efficient, nimble contract manufacturing will increase. To meet growing demand, contract manufacturer Micron Products Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Arrhythmia Research Technologies Inc., has created an integrated system for orthopedic implant manufacturing that not only leads to further innovation, but also reduces time to market, cuts costs and eliminates supply chain breaks.

"Medical device manufacturers, large and small, benefit from outsourcing, " said Salvatore Emma, Jr., president and CEO of Micron Products. "With Micron's systems, technologies and expertise, it doesn't matter whether we're making 10,000 pieces or just a single one-off customized to match a patient's specific anatomy – we can streamline manufacturing for cost effectiveness and speed. That's what OEMs want; that's what patients need."

As healthcare cost containment and increased burden of regulation drive increased margin pressure for OEMs, Micron is well poised to provide fast, efficient manufacturing through its unique capabilities and scale. Providing a range of production services, capabilities, and expertise under one roof also simplifies the supply chain to just one link.

Unlike most other medical implant manufacturers, Micron provides OEMs a unique blend of tooling capabilities, coupled with design, engineering and manufacturing expertise, offering integrated manufacturing capabilities that that would otherwise be prohibitively costly – or simply outside of the core competencies – of most OEMs.

Source: Micron Products Inc.