Millstone Medical launches Oracle applications

Harnessing big data, new ERP system handles inventory and distribution as well as a customer service, field reps, and ordering processes.

March 5, 2014
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Fall River, Massachusetts - Millstone Medical Outsourcing officials announce that the company has successfully launched and gone live with version 12.1.3 of Oracle's E-Business Suite application. As of Monday, February 24, 2014, Millstone has taken numerous clients aboard its new ERP system consisting of inventory and distribution modules as well as a customized portal for customer service, field reps, and ordering processes. With Oracle's capabilities, Millstone has developed a technology and hardware infrastructure that enhances and simplifies client interactions and maximizes online customer visibility. 

To enhance all aspects of its ERP system further, Millstone has also contracted with cloud-based data center, Rackspace, to host all of its Oracle applications and provide high availability backup and redundancy. This combination of services delivers state of the art hardware and software that provides customers a high degree of assurance that orders will be fulfilled with no interruptions and product will be delivered with high reliability to hospitals and other providers. 

"Oracle and Rackspace have provided a complete software solution for our business," said Brad Schwarz, vice president of operations at Millstone Medical Outsourcing. "We are operating an ERP system built on advanced technology and security. Our new system streamlines capabilities and provides data access that our customers can't access on their own. We are very excited to bring all customers on board." 

Source: Millstone Medical Outsourcing