NoninConnect eHealth wireless finger pulse oximeter

NoninConnect eHealth wireless finger pulse oximeter

Nonin direct-to-consumer eHealth pulse oximeter to use Bluetooth Smart wireless technology for convenient, battery-saving connections.

January 9, 2014
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Nonin Medical Inc. launched its NoninConnect direct-to-consumer Bluetooth Smart wireless finger pulse oximeter. 

The NoninConnect pulse oximeter features Bluetooth Smart (low energy) wireless technology, a unique user-facing display, and a proprietary algorithm that tells users if their finger is placed properly in the device for correct readings. NoninConnect is designed for use by athletes, pilots, and Quantified-Self trackers who want to measure their arterial blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate. Users can easily store and share their readings by downloading a Nonin or future third-party pulse oximetry software application onto their Bluetooth-Smart-ready iOS, Android or Windows mobile device. 

"The NoninConnect offers significant advantages over other consumer pulse oximeters for personal health management," said Mark VanderWerf, vice president eHealth, for Nonin Medical. 

"The NoninConnect is made with the same Nonin medical-grade pulse oximetry technology that we build into our professional pulse oximeters for patients, clinicians and the military. So consumers benefit from the same clinically proven accuracy – but without needing a doctor's prescription," VanderWerf said.

"In addition, the NoninConnect is made in America and built to rugged durability standards. And because the NoninConnect uses the new Bluetooth Smart low-energy wireless technology, users don't have to sideline their phone with a cumbersome cable just to transfer their data. They also don't need to drain their phone battery just to power their pulse oximeter," he said.

Product advantages include:

  • Easy-to-read, large, clear user-facing display 
  • Long battery life – allows for up to 2,200 spot checks on two AAA batteries 
  • Simplified wireless pairing to Bluetooth-Smart-ready mobile devices: 
    • No need to pre-pair or enter numbers 
    • Pairing to Apple iOS is simplified; no authentication chip required 
    • Pairing to Google Android and Microsoft Windows operating systems is available upon request 
  • •Nonin CorrectCheck Finger Placement Technology – provides feedback via a digital display if user's finger is not placed correctly in the device 
  • •Nonin SmartPoint Capture and Send Technology – automatically determines when a high-quality measurement is ready to be wirelessly transmitted 
  • •The NoninConnect pulse oximetry software demo application can be downloaded from the App Store in the Apple iTunes Store

Source: Nonin Medical Inc.