Medical device 3D prototyping

New Dallas design and product introduction facility enables Nypro Healthcare to provide rapid 3D prototyping for medical device makers.

March 31, 2014
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Industrial X-ray computed tomography (CT) scanning is a fast, high-accuracy, non-invasive technology used for measuring, analyzing, and visualizing precision parts and assemblies, including components of medical devices.

3D ProScan, a division of NyproMold Inc., a Jabil company that provides healthcare design and manufacturing services, uses CT scanning and advanced digital geometry processing software to generate a precise 3D model of a scanned article from a large series of 2D X-ray images.

3D ProScan began with a simple idea. How could they provide their customers with faster qualification results and innovative technology? As they looked for answers, they discovered that industrial CT scanning was the most innovative tool for industrial dimensional analysis. Using CT scanning, they have greatly accelerated their customers’ project timelines, and provided them with a great experience.

Being part of the mold making industry gives 3DProscan a clear understanding of their customers’ needs and the importance of the qualification process. When it comes to manufacturing, a company’s needs range from engineering to quality inspection to product management. 3D Proscan want their customers to have the best experience possible as they are qualifying their parts for production. 3D Proscan’s integrated viewers provide the optimum tool for engineers and quality control experts. The developers understand the urgency with which their clients are faced with and pledge to do their absolute best to meet their expectations.

If clients need a formal dimensional inspection, 3D Proscan will inspect a part for them in less than half the time it would take with any other method. They are able to program for a first article inspection using a 2D drawing and CAD model before they have the part in hand. Therefore, they can program ahead of time before they receive the part. Once the part arrives in a day or two, other services they provide such as FASTscan part-to-CAD analysis, part-to-part analysis and assembly analysis are usually completed in just a couple of days. If a client needs a part to be reverse engineered, the process can take as little as a week to be completed. In order to drive innovation forward, 3D Proscan staff dedicate themselves to keeping up with the latest technology in 3D software and computed tomography, and their satisfaction derives from helping their clients get to production quickly and successfully.

Last September, Nypro Healthcare cut the ribbon on a new design and product introduction center in Dallas, Texas. The Dallas facility will offer full product design and development capabilities for single-use and electro-mechanical Class I, II, and III healthcare devices.

The new 32,000ft2 facility is equipped with an advanced technology model shop; a fully digitized machine shop; environmentally controlled chambers; and a 1,500ft2 Class 10,000 cleanroom, and is strategically located to serve major healthcare device manufacturers and customers in the United States; Cayey, Puerto Rico; and Tijuana, Mexico. The facility was to employ 25 professionals over the next 12 months and is projected to add another 20 positions within three years.

With 3D ProScan’s FASTscan, users get a colorful and interactive part-to-CAD comparison analysis. This high-speed comprehensive quality assessment service can be used on its own, or before a formal dimensional inspection to identify dimensional accuracy issues.

3D part-to-CAD comparison
A FASTscan part-to-CAD overlay saves time and aids in making decisions quickly. FASTscans provide a comparative analysis from the original CAD model to the scanned part. In less than a couple hours, the technology can create a color-coded geometric comparison and provide data on the dimensional accuracy of the entire part. FASTscan’s integrated viewers provide an optimum tool for engineers and quality control experts.

Dimensional inspection
With CT scanning, a complete dimensional inspection report including all GD&T measurements can be compiled in hours versus days or weeks. 3D Proscan’s team designs custom programs for dimensional inspections that take a fraction of the time of traditional techniques.

3D Proscan makes the process of getting a full dimensional inspection report on an article fast and easy for their clients. With the ability to program dimensions using a CAD model and part drawing, the company says that CT dimensional inspections often provide results in less than half the time of traditional industrial metrology techniques. Pre-programming allows for parallel efforts as molds and parts are being made, and programs can be saved for future use. After programming is completed and the CT scanner scans the part, a full dimensional inspection report can be generated in a few minutes.

Assembly analysis
Have you ever wanted to see the inner workings of an assembly and measure internal features without taking it apart? Now with CT scanning you can analyze internal features virtually without ever damaging your assembly or changing its natural state.

With CT scanning, 3D Proscan gives their clients the power of X-ray vision. A key and unique benefit of industrial CT scanning is the ability to view, inspect, and measure interior as well as exterior areas, features and components without destruction of the part, which may affect dimensions. Assembly details are often overlooked and missed because of their size and the difficulty of observing them. With 3D CT scanning 3D Proscan provides clients with the tools needed for success. 3D analysis and virtual cross sections allow voids, inclusions, seals, fit, interface and interference to be reviewed and analyzed quickly and easily without physical sectioning or disassembly. Previously hidden components in an assembly can be easily inspected to find poor fit and function. Every article is inspected in a free state.

Source: 3D Proscan