New Super-NURBS white paper from Okuma America

For those involved with CNC machining on curved surfaces, producing a smooth finish is critical.

February 28, 2014
Manufacturing Group

Charlotte, N.C. – A new white paper from Okuma America Corp. details the company’s Super-NURBS programming functionality that meets high-accuracy finish requirements while speeding up cycle times. The result is drastically reduced hand-finishing time to achieve high-quality parts quickly. 

The term NURBS is an acronym for non-uniform rational basis spline, a mathematical way to regenerate freeform curves and shapes. Super-NURBS is Okuma’s proprietary technology for achieving NURBS functionality within a CNC machining environment. Titled “Super-NURBS Cuts Curved Surfaces with High-Accuracy and Speedy Cycle Times – Completing Parts on the Machine,” the white paper examines topics such as:

  • How Super-NURBS eliminates redundancies and allows for a faster and smoother tool path
  • Why Super-NURBS delivers the fastest speeds and highest quality finishes in the industry
  • How Super-NURBS’ faster control loops speed allows for more ultra-high feed rates to be used
  • Why there’s no need for a look-ahead – Super-NURBS is inherently fast without it
  • How to deliver parts out the door faster, with better finish quality and accuracy

Super-NURBS enables controlled high speed and high-quality CNC machining. Completing parts on the machine – this is possible with Super-NURBS.

Okuma’s Super-NURBS white paper is available for complimentary download at Watch the video to see a side-by-side demonstration of how Super-NURBS reduces cycle time.

Source: Okuma America