Okuma partners with Machining Cloud

Okuma partners with Machining Cloud

Okuma customers gain instant access to complete and current machine and tooling data.

June 24, 2014
Manufacturing Group
Contract Manufacturing People/Facilities Machining/Metal Cutting Software/IoT/Apps

Okuma Corp. has signed on with Machining Cloud as a partner for Machining Cloud, user-friendly PC and tablet apps that simplify the process of finding the right machines and cutting tools for any given manufacturing job.  

Giving Okuma customers instant access to complete and current machine and tooling data, the apps use an advanced search engine to eliminate the drudgery of searching through printed catalogues and Web sites.

Okuma customers can use Machining Cloud to step-up productivity and achieve greater accuracy by selecting digital models of their Okuma machine tools, selecting tooling for those machines, and then downloading the descriptive, usage and geometric information into their data-hungry shop-floor software, such as CAM and simulation systems.

With a dynamic 3D tool-assembly configurator, the apps can download digital machine models with their kinematics and complete cutting tool assemblies into CAM, CAD, tool pre-setting and tool-inventory software.

A leading-edge creator of machine tools and software, Okuma is also a passionate collaborator. With its Partners in THINC Program, it works with more than 40 companies in the manufacturing industry to find real-world solutions to common shop-floor problems.

"Okuma already understands that we can better solve manufacturing challenges together than we ever could on our own," says Stephane Julien, cloud evangelist for Machining Cloud GmbH. "This is a case of bringing imaginative, talented people together to find new solutions that work to solve customer challenges."

The Machining Cloud App for Okuma will be released later this year. It is planned to be available for Microsoft Windows 7 and 8, as well as Windows tablets, Android tablets and the iPad.

Source: Machining Cloud GmbH