Clothing that tracks your performance, health, and fitness

Clothing that tracks your performance, health, and fitness

The first collection of Biometric Smartwear helps maximize everyday performance by monitoring your heart, breathing, and movement.

May 14, 2014
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Montreal/San Francisco – OMsignal introduced a new collection of Biometric Smartwear comprised of four smart shirts for men. OM shirts monitor activity, physiological stress, and fitness levels, giving the user total control over their fitness and everyday performance.

Each of the four shirts include health sensors embedded into the fabric that measure biometric data in real-time and relay this information to the users’ personal dashboard on the OMsignal app.

The OM app translates the users’ unique bio-signal into personal actionable insights. The OMsignal shirts can tell what’s up with the body so the user can improve how they manage health, gain actionable insight, and meet their fitness goals.

At launch, the OMsignal shirts will come in four different male styles including an under-shirt, a sleeveless shirt, casual T-shirt, and long-sleeved shirt, designed to be worn at the gym, under everyday clothing, or alone.

Each style tracks the body’s most important biometric data and vital signs including heart rate, breathing rate, breathing volume, movement (including steps and cadence), movement intensity, heart rate variability, and calories burned.

OMsignal shirts also offer sports-specific data such as effort expended and breathing rate, heart rate zone tracking, and heart rate recovery, as well as wellness insight such as breathing balance, personal fuel, and RPM.

  • OM Fuel lets the user know how much energy they have in reserve before they run out
  • OM RPM shows the users’ level of focus and physical stress in real time
  • The OMsignal app offers suggestions on how to manage and improve both metrics to perform better throughout the day

Information is immediately relayed from the shirt through the little black box to the phone via Bluetooth. The little black box is clipped onto the shirt and ensures that all data is immediately available in the OMsignal iOS app, as long as the phone is in Bluetooth range.

The data within the OMsignal app is private to the user, helping track progress and giving real-time feedback, actionable insights, and regular health summary and fitness email reports of progress.

How it works:

  • OMsignal shirts are high-quality compression garments and are designed to be moisture wicking, odor-resistant (anti-microbial), and seamlessly tailored for comfort and stretch. 
  • The fitness shirts’ compression properties enhance blood circulations and oxygen delivery to the muscles, thereby enhancing performance and recovery of the wearer.
  • The lifestyle shirt has additional slimming and posture support benefits 
  • OMsignal’s health sensors are embedded into the fabric in order to gather the deep biometric readings at multiple touch-points. 
  • The sensors are knitted close to the heart to capture a robust electrocardiogram (ECG) reading, which deliver heart rate (BPM) and heart rate variability (HRV), providing the most accurate method of calculating the number of calories you burn and your physiological stress-level.
  • Additionally, sensors on the chest measure respiration rate and balance as well as track activity levels through an accelerometer. 
  • The little black box is water-resistant, clips into the shirt, and provides more than 30 hours of continuous use (good for up to 30 workouts or for 2-3 days of continuous wear). It streams biometrics seamlessly and continually to the OMsignal app.
  • The OMsignal app receives a great depth of signal from the shirt, and uses proprietary algorithms to give unparalleled insight about the body.

How to order:All four OMsignal shirts are available in sizes S-XL in six different colors combinations including black, grey, and combinations with orange and indigo stitching accents.

OMsignal Up & Running Kit, including a shirt of any style with the little black box will retail this month for an introductory pre-order price of $199 (regular MSRP $240)

Regular Routine Kit will offer the 2 shirts (of any style) plus one little black box (to be used with any OMsignal shirt) for the special price of $269 in May (regular MSRP $340)

Fitness Fanatic Kit will offer all 4 shirt styles plus one little black box for the special price of $359 in May (regular MSRP $450)

Additional shirts can be purchased for MSRP of $100-$140 (depending on the style) + $140 for the little black box

Product will ship in the summer of 2014.

OMsignal will ship to the U.S. and internationally. To purchase a shirt or for additional background, please visit: 

Source: OMsignal