Open Mind, CGTech Renew Agreement

Enhancing Interface between hyperMILL and VERICUT

November 16, 2012
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Open Mind and CGTech renew an agreement between their two companies to work closely to provide seamless integration between their products and customer support. CGTech and Open Mind have already worked together to create an interface between hyperMILL and VERICUT. The interface is designed to help their mutual customers create a better machining process by providing an easy way to verify hyperMILL’s post-processed machining paths in VERICUT.
“hyperMILL provides innovative techniques for 2.5-axis through 5-axis milling and drilling, mill-turn, and specialized niche applications.  These solutions are intended to streamline programming time and reduce cutting time and risk at the machine tool.  Many of our customer’s work processes mandate part program simulation and they are most often using VERICUT.  The hyperMILL to VERICUT data interface provides high assurance for the transfer of information between these software products,” states Alan Levine, managing director of Open Mind Technologies USA Inc.
By simulating CNC programs on a computer without using the actual machine tool, hyperMILL users can realize significant savings by reducing machine cycle time, improving work quality and maximizing throughput. Possible programming errors are identified sooner without putting the actual machine tool at risk.