RACO Adds Director of Engineering, Manufacturing

Michael Jammal will oversee engineering departments, as well as new business developments.

January 29, 2013
Manufacturing Group

RACO Manufacturing and Engineering Company Inc., a leading provider of remote monitoring, reporting, and control devices, has added a new director of engineering and manufacturing.

Michael Jammal, former program manager at Rockwell Automation, joins the RACO team and will oversee engineering and engineering-related departments, as well as new business growth and development.

Michael fulfills the responsibility for two key functional areas in his new role as director of engineering and manufacturing: leading and overseeing the growth and development of profitable new business, while managing engineering functions and manufacturing. Michael Jammal will report directly to Connie Brown, president of RACO.

"Michael is a motivated and enthusiastic engineering professional, and we are thrilled to welcome him to the RACO team," says Brown. "His unique mix of marketing, manufacturing and engineering experience will directly impact our product development and the support of our business partners."

Jammal brings more than 30 years of engineering experience to his new role at RACO, most recently with a seven-year tenure at Rockwell Automation as a program manager, where he was responsible for managing commercial relationships with third-party companies.

In addition to his time at Rockwell, Jammal's extensive professional career spans three decades in electronics at Honeywell Information Systems, Modicon, and Schneider Electric. He has extensive engineering, manufacturing, and marketing experience to help RACO with product extensions and new designs, and to extend the company into new markets and industry segments.