Rapid.Tech 2014: More bite

Rapid.Tech 2014: More bite

Additive manufacturing in dental medicine and technology highlighted with CAD/CAM and RP in dental technology specialist forum.

May 5, 2014
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Erfurt, Germany – On May 14-15, 2014, the doors of Rapid.Tech will open in Erfurt for the 11th time. The conference and trade fair offers newcomers, experts, researchers and users ample opportunity to exchange knowledge, both theoretical and practical, on additive manufacturing, through its neat dovetailing of expert talks and trade fair presentations geared towards practical applications. The “CAD/CAM and rapid prototyping in dental technology” specialist forum will put developments and opportunities in dental medicine and technology under the spotlight. The latest results, materials, trends, and current applications will be presented.

Individualization is not just a global trend: in dental medicine and technology, it plays a central role in providing optimal treatment. Additive manufacturing and rapid prototyping make significant progress possible. “Rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing processes are continually opening up new fields of application and new possibilities for treatment and the production of dental technology supplies,” reported Antonius Köster, managing director of Antonius Köster GmbH, who is responsible for the program for the “CAD/CAM and rapid prototyping in dental technology” specialist forum. This year's program, for the two-day event, includes 12 talks. 

The first talk is devoted to the latest trends in digital dentistry and provides information on the technologies currently available. It will also demonstrate how replacing traditional approaches with the latest digital technologies can improve communication between dentist, patient, and the laboratory.

Another talk will explain that the size of the laboratory is no barrier to technological change and innovation. Under the title “New ways of immediate implant placement,” the first clinical experiences with the REPLICATE TM system will be presented. The patient-customized implant is planned and designed before extraction, using DVT imaging and a digitization of the clinical pre-treatment situation. The root-analogue implant is manufactured in titanium and supplied together with an individual zircon abutment, as well as a temporary restoration. Insertion takes place directly after extraction into the existing alveolar socket. There the implant can osseointegrate optimally thanks to its superhydrophilic titanium coating.

A further talk describes the application of rapid prototyping from analysis to the manufacture of occlusal splints for CMD patients. Using this method, patients have been treated successfully in cases where traditional methods had not yielded results. There is great anticipation over the talk on progress in developing a new digital mouth scanner. Working with several cameras simultaneously, it can scan the complete jaw and reproduce an image of it. This not only significantly reduces the time needed for scanning; it provides results that are more accurate. In addition, the program features talks on hybrid manufacturing of dental objects, new digital techniques for aesthetic and functional treatments in dentistry, and new materials.

Rapid.Tech 2014 – the full spectrum of additive manufacturing
Alongside the “CAD/CAM and rapid prototyping in dental technology” specialist forum, there will be forums for medical technology and aerospace, a user conference, and a design engineer’s day at Rapid.Tech 2014. The Rapid.Tech specialist trade fair provides comprehensive information about the latest developments in materials, procedures, and machines. “Additive manufacturing processes are becoming ever more relevant across multiple industries and are playing an increasingly important part in production processes. This is generating an enormous demand for information, as well as for an exchange of experiences and discussion,” explained Wieland Kniffka, head of Messe Erfurt. “Rapid.Tech is setting standards here, with its mix of think-tank, knowledge transfer and an exhibition geared toward practical applications.”

FabCon 3.D – 3D printing for consumers and industry
From 15–17 May 2014, Messe Erfurt will also be hosting the second German Personal Fabrication Convention, FabCon 3.D. Numerous exhibitors will be showcasing current developments and products from the 3D printing sector for entrepreneurs, designers, hobbyists, and any other interested parties. This convention, in combination with Rapid.Tech's “Industrial Day” (May 15, 2014) will give fans and industry experts a chance to engage in direct dialogue and provide insights into the latest developments for the consumer market in the up-and-coming technology of 3D printing.

The complete program of the “Medical technology” specialist forum as well as further information about Rapid.Tech and FabCon 3.D can be found at www.rapidtech.de and at www.fabcon-germany.com.

Source: Rapid.Tech