FDA Approves First Single-Unit Audio Processor for Cochlear Implants

Rondo processor combines control unit, battery pack, and coil into a single, compact design.

November 13, 2012
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The U.S. FDA apporves the world's first single unit-audio processor.

According to a press release from Med-El, the compact design of the product combines the microphone, battery pack, and coil into a single externally-worn processor, and can be used with all Med-El cochlear implants.

With the FDA approval of the Rondo, MED-EL cochlear implant users will now have the option of selecting the first-ever audio processor without an ear hook and separate coil and cable. The processor attaches magnetically to the internal implant component; a variety of magnet strengths are available, ranging from soft to standard, strong and super strong.
Rondo is based on the OPUS audio processor platform, and features the same signature Maestro System software technologies including FineHearing, a built-in telecoil, and Automatic Sound Management.  Med-El's exclusive FineTuner remote control is used to adjust program, volume, sensitivity and a variety of other listening parameters. 
“The Rondo audio processor is an exciting addition to MED-EL’s wide portfolio of implant system solutions that provide our candidates with options to fit their unique hearing loss situation and lifestyle,” said Richard Collette, president and CEO, Med-El Corp. USA. “We are thrilled to be able to offer this revolutionary single-unit processor to our cochlear implant users, because it makes the external equipment even less noticeable.”
The Rondo will be available in four colors: Anthracite, Nordic Grey, Crème, and Ebony.  Med-El USA plans to launch the processor in the Spring of 2013.