High Pressure Coolant System/Chiller Unit

The S2, designed for the metal cutting industry, accomodates the need for high-pressure, stabilitzed coolant to help maintain the tight tolerances of parts.

October 8, 2012
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The S2 from MP Systems is designed specifically for the metal cutting industry, accommodating the growing need for high-pressure, stabilized coolant to help maintain the tight tolerances of many parts. The S2 can be integrated with most types of CNC machine tools, including machining centers, turning centers, and Swiss-style lathes. Either water- or oil-based coolants may be used.

Real-time monitoring is managed by the S2’s PLC (programmable logic controller). The PLC directs the S2 to respond to changing conditions, such as air and tank temperatures and the outgoing coolant temperatures from the machine tool. The compact system stabilizes coolant to ± 1° of ambient temperature. The controller also provides average temperature readings, eliminating random spikes or drops in temperatures. The S2 has a remote valve block that may be mounted neatly on the machine with just one high pressure hose leading to the S2. This single-hose, remote manifold option addresses the clutter and safety risk of having multiple lines laying on the floor for multi-port and Swiss-type applications.

A built-in feed pump supplies the chiller and high pressure pump with optimum flow. When used with water-based coolant, the S2 pumps up to 1,000psi at eight gallons- per-minute. With oils, it reaches up to 2,000psi at five gallons-per-minute.