Siemens to develop IPCs for medical market

Siemens to develop IPCs for medical market

Siemens Factory Automation seeks to open market for its embedded and panel PC products in the healthcare segment.

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PC-based Automation Marketing Manager from Siemens Digital Factory Division, Thorsten Julich, says the company plans to develop the medical equipment market for its box, panels, and rack PC products. In addition, Julich notes the suite of products targeted for use in the North American market are being assembled at the Siemens facility in Lebanon, Ohio, shortening lead times up to 40% for OEM machine builders and system integrators.

“As time to market for new product development continues to shorten in the industrial PC market, while the life cycle of such products has become longer,” Julich notes, “it is critical that Siemens bring its embedded box and panel products to market in a more efficient manner.”

He also observes the drive to upgrade systems from older technologies at all levels of the healthcare industry is moving quickly, as the market trends toward a digital and cloud-based environment with customized apps to enable more immediate and network-wide system of record-keeping. 

Commenting on the Lebanon, Ohio, facility, Julich notes the in-house development of Siemens IPC technology for this market segment will include both software and motherboard manufacturing. Complementing the PC product offerings, rugged handheld units with Windows 7 or 10 compatibility, will be offered for technician ease-of-use and connectivity to cloud-based systems.

A scalable portfolio of products, based on Intel CPU technology, will provide a full spectrum of configurations to suit most applications currently in the medical equipment market, Julich says. 

Single- and multi-touch panel PCs will be offered in 7" to 22" displays in the company’s Nanobox/Nanopanel and Microbox/Micropanel designs.

Julich concludes, “Because our IPC range has full interface capabilities with SCADA software plus the medical grade tablets offer full compatibility with networking solutions in the digital world, we believe the company is well positioned to enter this medical equipment market with a very substantial and sustainable suite of products and services.” 

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