Symmetry Surgical’s Symmetry Sharp Kerrison

Patented medical technology enables multiple configurations with single-use tips, providing a customized sharp tip every time.

April 3, 2014
Manufacturing Group
Contract Manufacturing Design/Engineering Devices/Implants/Equipment People/Facilities

Warsaw, Indiana – Symmetry Medical Inc.’s subsidiary, Symmetry Surgical, is launching the Symmetry Sharp Kerrison.

The Symmetry Sharp Kerrison is a first-of-its-kind, patented surgical instrument designed with discerning surgeons and healthcare professionals in mind, providing a sharp tip every time. The single use Symmetry Sharp Kerrison tips feature a thin footplate and boasts twelve possible configurations with three reusable handle sizes and four single use, 2” tip sizes, which enable healthcare professionals to customize their optimal Symmetry Sharp Kerrison for each case. 

The Symmetry Sharp Kerrison is the latest innovation in Symmetry Surgical’s comprehensive Kerrison portfolio, which also features RapidClean, convertible and take-apart designs. 

“Symmetry Surgical is proud to offer one of the broadest portfolios of surgical instruments in the industry. The Symmetry Sharp Kerrison is a premier addition to our already comprehensive Kerrisons portfolio,” says Ajey Atre, president, Symmetry Surgical. “Our Kerrisons have been staples in the industry for more than two decades. By adding to the portfolio’s rich history with today’s operating room needs of convenience and high-quality performance, Symmetry Surgical is giving healthcare professionals around the world a wide breadth of options – enabling them to choose the best surgical instruments for each case – from a single partner.”

Source: Symmetry Surgical