Titanium metal injection molding capabilities

Titanium metal injection molding capabilities

TiMIM capabilities add to Smith Metals Products MIM portfolio of materials that include stainless steels, alloys, and ceramics.

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Smith Metals Products adds titanium metal injection molding (TiMIM) capabilities to its metal injection molding (MIM) portfolio of materials that include stainless steels, alloys, and ceramics.

TiMIM involves mixing powdered titanium metal with a binder material to compose a feedstock capable of being handled by injection molding equipment. MIM allows complex titanium parts to be shaped with precision in a single operation and in high volume as compared to traditional titanium machined metal components.

Adding TiMIM capabilities opens a new, wider range of component applications for Smith Metal Products, where strength-to-weight ratio parts are desired. It is often accomplished with superior features using titanium compared to other strong but much heavier metals like steels.

TiMIM part features can include undercuts, varying wall thickness up to 0.125" or 3mm. TiMIM parts also accept many surface finishes including anodizing and electro polishing and can be finish machined if necessary.

“We are excited to have taken delivery of dedicated titanium metal injection molding equipment,” states general manager, Todd Jensen. “Our employee owner-operators are now trained on the equipment and process. We have received successful TiMIM molding verification.

TiMIM is often a more effective process to achieve precision parts while eliminating machining because TiMIM parts are precise, net shaped parts that are produced faster and usually require no secondary operations. But not all parts qualify for this highly cost-effective, alternative solution.

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