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September 7, 2012

Mobile, PC-Based Surface Measuring System
The MarSurf XR 1 combines the skidded and skidless drive units of Mahr's portable M-Series instruments, with its MarWin evaluation software, providing an affordable entry into the world of modern, PC-based measurement and evaluation systems. MarSurf XR 1 is suitable for use in the measurement lab or on the shop floor, and provides more than 80 parameters for R, P, W profiles according to current DIN, ISO, JIS, ASME, and MOTIF standards. The system can utilize both the MarSurf RD 18 drive unit with skidded probe and the MarSurf SD 26 drive unit with skidless probe, and virtually any number of drive units can connect to the evaluation unit via Bluetooth or cable. Use of the measuring units can stand alone in different orientations, in combination with various accessories, or mounted on measuring stands. Initiation of measurements can be either by touchscreen on a PC or manually on the drive units.

Key Points

  • Standard with MarWin Surface Evaluation Software
  • Able to take measurements in any position
  • Prismatic shaped bottom acts as a Vee block for positioning small parts
  • Threaded sockets allow accessory attachment
  • Rechargeable batteries for ~1,000 measurements between charges

Benefits of the MarSurf SD 26 Skidless drive unit on the XR 1 include a motorized probe height adjustment feature that quickly and automatically zeros the probe in seconds and can cut measurement time in half, and a magnetic, breakaway probe mounting system, which protects sensitive probes from accidental damage and facilitates fast probe changes. The MarSurf XR 1 is available with a wide range of probes, options, and accessories to allow the most flexible configuration for your applications.

Mahr Federal Inc.
Providence, RI



  • Diameter ranges of 1/8" to 3/4"and 3mm to 20mm
  • Standard lengths up to 5xD
  • Additional lengths up to 12xD
  • Stepped tools are optional

Solid Carbide Drills
Walter Titex X•treme Inox, a high performance solid carbide drill with internal coolant and special coating, tackles stainless steel and other high-alloy ISO M materials. The X•treme Inox advantage begins with a tip geometry that has been specially adapted to these materials, reducing the cutting forces and minimizing the otherwise frequent formation of burrs. A multi-layer TiAlN tip coating maximizes tool life while minimizing adhesion. Delivery of a high degree of process stability is due to the superior stability of the X•treme Inox’s main cutting edges and the drill’s new flute profile. The coordinated margins ensure minimal friction against the hole wall, while correct operating temperature is made possible through the internal coolant supply characteristic of the universal drills in the X•treme series.

These properties and features work together to produce excellent hole quality when drilling stainless steel, along with a high degree of process reliability and feed­rates up to 50% higher than those obtained with other universal solid carbide drilling tools.

Walter USA LLC
Waukesha, WI


Ultra-Miniature Ball Screws
A new addition to Steinmeyer’s standard line of miniature precision screws are the ultra-miniature ball screws, available in diameters as small as 3mm with a choice of two pitches – 1mm or 0.5mm. The addition of these sizes increases the Steinmeyer range of miniature screws from 16mm diameter (with up to 30mm pitch), down to the tiny 3mm diameter. The screws are equipped with one of four types of ball nuts, with or without preload. In addition, custom lengths are available with journals machined to a control drawing. Manufacturing of these ultra-miniature ball screws are from standard tool steel, hardened, and then precision ground to meet ISO tolerances from P0 to P5. Stainless steel material is available as an option.

Steinmeyer’s miniature ball screws are ideal for applications in:

  • Miniature robotics
  • Semiconductor processing/inspection
  • Life sciences

Steinmeyer Inc.
Burlington, MA