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October 20, 2010

The latest Ram EDM machinery, the EDAF series, features a new mechanical design for increased rigidity and reduced thermal distortion. Ideal for manufacturers facing uncontrolled thermal environments and long hours of unattended burning, EDAF-series machines are also equipped with an improved servo system for rapid response to signals from the spark gap monitoring circuits, enabling cycle time reductions of 10% to 20% in burns common to today’s job shop applications.

Featured in two models, the EDAF2 and EDAF3, sizes for the EDAF2 are 53.2" x 95.5" x 98.4" with X-, Y-, and Z-axis travels of 13.8", 9.8", 9.8", while the EDAF3 is 59.1" x 102.4" x 100.8" with X-, Y-, and Z-axis travels 17.7", 13.8", 13.8", respectively.

In addition, the EDAF-series comes equipped with spark gap monitoring and arc prevention technology – ArcFree Technology – to help prevent destructive DC arcs that typically lead to time-consuming clean-up procedures or scrapped parts. Included in the series is Makino’s on-board programming system, Makino Program Generator (MPG), making the control more user friendly while generating more aggressive model plans.

Makino Inc.
Auburn Hills, MI