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May 5, 2014
TMD Staff

Miniature incremental optical encoder

The ATOM non-contact optical linear and rotary incremental encoder system combines miniaturization with leading-edge dirt immunity, signal stability, and reliability. With a readhead as small as 6.7mm x 12.7mm x 20.5mm, ATOM is the first miniature encoder to use filtering optics with auto gain control (AGC) and auto offset control (AOC) for signal stability and dirt immunity.

The ATOM system delivers performance accuracy, with low sub-divisional error (SDE), low jitter, and long-term reliability. ATOM offers analog speeds to 20m/s (29,000rpm on a 17.0mm disc) and digital resolutions to 1.0nm when used with Renishaw interpolation electronics. The readhead includes a set-up LED to allow easy installation and an auto-calibration routine to enable faster optimization. Scale options include linear and rotary (angle) scales in stainless steel and glass.

The ATOM readhead is available with either high-flex cable or flexible-printed circuit (FPC) output, in both 20µm and 40µm scale options, with ultra-compact interface electronics in ACi and Ri options. The FPC variant reduces the overall package size and allows integration with ACi. A variety of high-accuracy scales is available, including industry-standard stainless steel tapes, high accuracy linear glass spars, and rotary glass discs from 17.0mm to 108.0mm in diameter.

Renishaw Inc.


Air-powered, variable speed, easily adjustable pencil grinder

The Dynabrade air-powered variable speed pencil grinder is easily adjustable for speeds from 35,000rpm to 60,000rpm, suiting a variety of grinding applications. The pencil grinder offers precision deburring, finishing, and engraving, and the speed flow control enables the user to set the speed, and the tool remains at the desired speed until the operator changes it.

The tool features a high quality air line, an overhose assembly that helps direct air away from the operator, and an ergonomic tactile grip for a non-slip operation. The tool also has an one-touch push button for on/off operation. A spindle lock has a thru-hole for quick accessory change.

The tool includes a 1/8" collet and accepts carbide burrs and mounted points.

Dynabrade Inc.


General-purpose, multitasking CNC lathes reduce setup time, improve accuracy

The MULTUS U series general-purpose multitasking CNC lathes are designed to reduce setup time, improve accuracy, and keep non-cutting time to a minimum. The series includes two machine sizes, the MULTUS U3000 and the MULTUS U4000, equipped with a comprehensive package of Okuma’s Intelligent Technologies (thermo-friendly concept, collision avoidance system, and machining navi) and efficiency features that make them intelligent multitasking machines.

The MULTUS U series CNC lathes provide a robust platform for long-term rigidity and accuracy, delivering multitasking solutions:

  • Flexible CNC machining from all directions – A highly rigid traveling column for powerful cutting along the entire Y-axis
  • 17 diverse variations in specs –including multiple bed lengths, optional sub-spindle (W-axis), and optional lower turret – matching application requirements
  • Milling or turning – Maximum performance for highly efficient cutting of difficult-to-machine materials and a wide variety of CNC machining applications
  • Thermo-friendly concept – Thermo-static design and thermal deformation control technology for long, stable machining accuracy
  • Shorter setup time and collision prevention – Keyboard operations down 50% with OSP-P300S control and maximized uptime with Collision Avoidance System
  • Machining navi (optional) – Maximizes tool performance by choosing the optimal speed(s) at which the machine can avoid chatter
  • Operator-friendly – Easy tool loading from the machine front, improved spindle access for faster setup times, and smooth chip discharge for better chip flow

Okuma America Corp.