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June 19, 2014
TMD Staff

Range of possibilities with high-performance positioning controller

The MAXPOS 50/5 compact EtherCAT Slave unveils a range of possibilities in precision, dynamics, and synchronization. It also ensures reliability and durability even under harsh conditions. By design, the ironless maxon DC brushed motors and brushless (maxon EC) motors are ideal for applications demanding high dynamics and longevity. Typical areas are robotics and applications in the medical industry or in specialized machine manufacturing.

In the past, for particularly high requirements, the controller occasionally imposed limitations due to its inability to keep pace with the high dynamics of the motors. With the MAXPOS 50/5 motion controller, these core motor properties can now be ideally used. In addition, with the latest field programmable gate array (FPGA) technology, highest control cycle rates can be achieved with minimally short cycle times. For trajectory planning, sophisticated motion control tasks with a current controller clock speed of 100kHz and an effective communication cycle time of 100μs can be achieved with a suitable EtherCAT master.


  • Field-oriented sinus commutation of brushless motors up to 200,000rpm
  • Multitude of feedback possibilities
  • Wide supply voltage range from 10VDC to 50VDC
  • Output power capability of 5A continuous and 15A peak current
  • Two different encoders can be used simultaneously
  • Extensive protective circuitry
  • Easy and intuitive commissioning

maxon motor


High-strength adhesives bond in seconds

Two new highly flexible instant adhesives, Loctite 4902 and Loctite 4903, offer elongations up to 155% and provide high-strength bonds in seconds. Both cyanoacrylate adhesives bond reliably to plastics, rubbers, metals, and other substrates and offer ISO 10993 biocompatibility for use on disposable medical devices.

These one-part, low-viscosity instant adhesives flow easily onto any substrate and typically fixture to handling strength in five seconds or less. Loctite 4902 is the more flexible of the two, with an elongation of 155% and a modulus of 57,900psi. Loctite 4903 offers 85% elongation and a modulus of 78,100psi.



Slip ring design

A specially designed slip ring by LTN is especially suitable for the medical industry. This SF020 slip ring combines standard power and signal rings with non-contact signal transmission in an unusually small dimension. The contactless rotary joint is typically used to pass digital video signals from camera to monitor in a medical theater.

Specifically, the LTN SF020 slip rings are commonly found in boom arms that support surgical lights with integrated cameras along with monitors used to display video feed. The arm’s optical rotary joint allows it to rotate indefinitely in either direction, eliminating the need for mechanical stops. The digital video signal is refreshed as it passes through the slip ring, allowing longer transmission lengths without signal degradation. LTN’s SF020 slip ring passes power or main lines up to 6A, as well as data signals at 3G speeds (4G upon request).

With a diameter of 22mm and length between 68mm to 95mm, the SF020 supplies power and high quality video signal at high data rates in a small footprint.

Heidenhain Corp.
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